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The Wedding Works (Greek/English Version)

The Wedding Works is an administrative workflow for photographers in the form of modifiable Word documents. You will receive a collection of documents which includes client letters, phone scripts, sample email responses, contracts, order forms, sample price lists and much more. This collection contains all of the documents you will need to run a successful wedding studio and all of the necessary tools to educate your clients for better communication and increased sales. The Wedding Works includes: General Telephone Tips - A few useful tips on proper telephone etiquette Telephone Script - Sample telephone conversation with a potential client General Email Etiquette - A few useful tips on proper email etiquette Email Script - Sample emails sent to potential clients after first contact Face-to-Face Consultations - Tips on how to approach the clients during that all-important first meeting Booking Letter - Sample booking letter sent to clients after making a booking Booking Form - Sample booking form used for bookings Terms and Conditions/Contract - Sample contract used for bookings Sample Price List - Sample price lists for three different collections Pre-Wedding Letter - Sample letter sent six weeks prior to the wedding to arrange the pre-wedding meeting Pre-Wedding Reminders - Sample pre-wedding reminder form to be filled out at the pre-wedding meeting Wedding Job Sheet - Sample job sheet containing all the key info about the wedding Names and Relationships Form - Sample form for recording the names of the key people attending the wedding Photography Checklist - A list of typical “must take” photos that couples will expect on a wedding day Same-Day Slideshow Process - Step-by-step instructions on how to create a same-day slideshow Proofing Letter - Sample letter accompanying the proofs when they are presented to the client Album Order Appointment Tips - Useful tips on how to up-sell your wedding albums Album Order Sheet - Sample album order form Reprint Order Form - Sample reprint order form High-Res Jpeg Purchase - Sample letter accompanying the high-resolution jpegs

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