What's Included
The Ice Society is a subscription-based photography educational website created by Jerry Ghionis dedicated to empowering fellow professionals and enthusiasts to take their photography and business to new heights.

Here are the great features and member benefits that you'll find on the Ice Society.

Access all past 120 chapters and the next 12 chapters with your membership.

A new chapter is live on the first of every month (USA) PST.

Chapters include the following categories:

Ice Pick:  Featuring video footage of Jerry on location at a wedding, portrait session, boudoir or fashion shoot.  As a favorite category on the Ice Society, Ice Society members have said they watch these videos before shooting a wedding for some extra inspiration. You will not only be able to see what Jerry does but you will be able to hear what he's thinking. An audio commentary accompanies every Ice Pick as of Chapter 49. You now have the ability to watch the entire video on its own or to play a supplemental audio commentary where Jerry explains his thought process behind his poses, directions, and decisions on a wedding day or a portrait session. All of the images featured in future Ice Pick videos will be viewable in a gallery that appears below the video screen. As an added bonus, you will also be able to view all of the exif data from every image.
As of Chapter 73 you will now find the audio commentary linked to a second video.  To hear Jerry explain exactly what his thought process was throughout the session, you simply play the second video where the original audio has been removed and Jerry will narrate what he did and the decisions he made for each image.  We hope you enjoy this new and improved feature!

Posing and Lighting:  Featuring more video footage of Jerry photographing a couple, bride, groom or a model.  This is usually a quick tip about the way Jerry sees light and poses his subjects.

Advice: A popular benefit of membership to the Ice Society is being able to upload your work and have it anonymously critiqued by Jerry.  You can submit a single image, a folio of images or even an entire album. Each month Jerry anonymously critiques a different submission in this popular section. Occasionally, Jerry may offer insight into one of his own albums or shoots as an alternative to the usual critique.

Ice Queen:  This section features a collection of images (including the exif data for each image) from Jerry’s bride or model of the month.  This is a great way to find a quick dose of inspiration and posing ideas before heading off to your own session.

Practice:  Jerry is well known for his ability to create extraordinary portraits in ordinary situations and locations.  Jerry reveals brand new before-and-after images each month in this section and explains how to bring out the best in any situation. All images include exif data. As an alternative to the usual before and after examples, Jerry may showcase video footage of one example of how he turns the ordinary into the extraordinary, on location.

Tip of the Iceberg:  This category is dedicated to bringing you new business and marketing ideas and tips each month.  Discussion a variety of topics from bridal shows to pricing, these monthly articles will help improve your business.

Icing on the Cake:  This section brings you a different bonus feature each month.  You’ll find everything from extra video footage, a slideshow from a recent wedding or even one of Jerry’s latest albums.

Monthly Challenge:  Jerry will challenge you by giving Ice Society members an assignment to complete each month. Members will then be invited to vote for their favorite submission.  The person with most amount of votes will win one year added to their Ice Society membership.

Free Downloads: Download all the "best of" highlight videos of the Ice Society (over 2.5 hours).


Browse by category:  You can click on your favorite category and view all of the content within that category at one time. For example, you can now view all of the Ice Pick videos at one time, or all of the Icing on the Cake submissions at one time. You will still be able to click on a chapter and view all of the content within that chapter as always.

Save your favorites. You now have the ability to save your favorite sections of any chapter. You simply flag a feature as your favorite and then you can easily access it over and over again. Click on the star button on the top right in the body of the content to mark a particular category as your favorite.

Live chats: Jerry hosts a live chat and Q&A where you can interact and ask questions for an invaluable source of education and inspiration. You are encouraged to ask your questions via twitter with your question starting with @jerryghionis There will be thousands of dollars in prizes given away during the broadcast. Pro members only will be able to view previous Livecasts. Free members will only be able to view the current Livecast. Every show will include the show notes which outlines all the questions answered for easy reference.

Affiliate program: You can now refer other photographers using the unique affiliate code created just for you. Whenever someone signs up for a membership using your code, you will have one month added to your membership. There is no limit to the number of free months you can receive as a result of referrals. In other words, if you refer 12 people a year to the Ice Society you will never have to pay for your membership!

Discounts: Members receive 10% off Jerry's 5-day workshops (organized by Jerry). You can access your membership discount after logging into the Ice Society with your username and password. After logging in, the member's price will automatically be displayed. You will also have access to a plethora of discounts from the vendors that Jerry uses in his own business.

Priority notifications: Members will receive priority notifications for all seminars and workshops initiated by Jerry.

"Thank you for indulging my passion for teaching and sharing my love for people, photography and the business of photography. Remember, you don't have to be the best. You just have to be better than last week."

Jerry Ghionis