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This chapter includes
  • Ice Pick - Jessica and Stuart: Bride's coverage
  • Posing & Lighting - Plus sized couples
  • Advice - Album Design Part 5
  • Ice Queen - Amber
  • Practice - Congested city locations
  • Tip of the Iceberg - The album planning meeting
  • Icing on the Cake
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New chapter and a brand new wedding, with Chapter 94 we bring you Jessica and Stuart in our Ice Pick section. Starting off with brides coverage, view the detail shots, bride getting ready along with formals of Jessica and her bridal party. Images featured have no retouching so you will see what Jerry captures straight out of camera. In the Posing & Lighting section we bring you bride and groom together formals of our plus sized couple. Watch as Jerry continues posing directly in ways to bring out the best features of this couple. It's a wrap, the start to finish album design comes to a conclusion this month in the Advice section. Follow the final segment which includes the couples formals, bridal party and reception spreads. Ice Queen Amber is with us for chapter 94 along with Andrew and we continue their Los Angeles session. This session was shot outdoors using direct sunlight only for the majority of the featured shots. For our Practice section we move forward with shooting in congested locations and how to make the most of it. Watch as Jerry shoots the couple together and individually in spots where they look to be sharing in a completely private moment. We love answering your questions and one we get often is workflow and how we approach it. Our Tip of the Iceberg is all about workflow, and album plan meetings. We hope this will give you some ideas and ease what can be a stressful subject. A step to the left or to the right could make a drastic difference in the way the light hits your subject. Jerry will go over all of this reminding you to slow down during this months Icing on the Cake. Follow along on a recent seminar shoot as he reviews posing for the best light and a tip to get the best expression from your subject.