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This chapter includes
  • Ice Pick - Ali and Vicky: Ceremony
  • Posing & Lighting - window light/reflections
  • Advice
  • Ice Queen
  • Practice
  • Tip of the Iceberg - Business inspiration
  • Icing on the Cake
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Ali and Vicky's Ceremony coverage are this months Ice Pick. Watch as Jerry will take you through photographing in very harsh sunlight and high temperatures, both obstacles that make it challenging to shoot. We then take you to Greece for our Posing and Lighting section. You will see footage of a recent seminar focusing on finding the light and using that to select the right pose. Single Image entries were reviewed and critiqued on the Advice section this month. You will hear Jerry provide insight into his perspective on each image submitted. Chapter 87 will feature Breidi and Joey in Melbourne for our Ice Queen section. The classic Hollywood inspired glamorous look that Breidi sports makes this such a session to showcase. Limited locations should not prevent you from capturing unique shots. This was proven in the Practice section as Jerry shows some before and after images of a recent seminar in Peru. Melissa answered this months Tip of the Iceberg which was based on inspiration for your business. Check out all her tips to help you find your inspiration. Icing on the Cake was all about light, location, and limited time. Jerry will show you ways to capture images in one location that look completely different.