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This chapter includes
  • Ice Pick - Colin & Jolene - Bride's Coverage
  • Posing & Lighting
  • Advice
  • Ice Queen - Connie
  • Practice
  • Tip of the Iceberg - Working Efficiently by Julian Walker
  • Icing on the Cake - Russia - On Location
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Jolene's bridal coverage is this month's Ice Pick and it includes a mini boudoir session at the bride's request. Posing & Lighting features another masterclass demonstration in off camera lighting and posing to create interesting perspectives, shot on the streets of Rome. The Ice Queen is Connie, photographed on the streets of Boston. Practice takes a brief look at how to use shadows and highlights in creating a dramatic image. In Tip of the Iceberg Julian Walker begins a new six part look at efficiency in your business beginning this month with with Weddings. The Icing on the Cake is another short video from Jerry's workshop in Russia.