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This chapter includes
  • Ice Pick - Owen & Erina - Locations
  • Advice
  • Ice Queen - Elvina
  • Practice
  • Tip of the Iceberg - Shoot & Burn? by Peter Eastway
  • Icing on the Cake - Owen & Erina - Reception Slideshow
  • Spice - Jesh De Rox
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Tip of the Iceberg is an article written by Peter Eastway on the ever contentious issue of the 'shoot & burn' approach to wedding photography. Spice is bought to you by Jesh de Rox, watch as he works a few images in his signature style. Ice Pick is the finale to Owen & Erin's story with coverage of the location couple photography, Jerry provides a voice over to go along with this video that let's you here his thought processes for each shot. The Ice Queen section is an engagement shoot where Jerry made use of a tilt shift lens to create very unique location portraits. The Advice section this month features Jerry designing one of his own client albums instead of critiquing member's work.