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Chapter 115
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This chapter includes
  • Ice Pick - Simon and Sekha: Ceremony
  • Posing & Lighting - Windows in the background
  • Advice - Bob and Leinani album
  • Ice Queen - Leinani
  • Practice - Parking garages!
  • Tip of the Iceberg - The psychology behind images on social media
  • Icing on the Cake - Using the Ice Light
Keywords: , album design, barn doors, bob and leinani, bride, bride and groom, ceremony, exposure, family portraits, fluorescent lighting, garage, hair light, ice light, las vegas, parking, photos, social media, switzerland, wedding, wedding album

We have reached Chapter 115 and have lots of new tips for you this month. Let's get right into it.

We have features Simon and Sekha's wedding for the past couple of chapters and we continue on in this Ice Pick section. Watch as we move through family formal portraits, the ceremony and some of the couples formals as well. The couple actually saw each other before the ceremony and walked together with all of their guests to the ceremony location. Such a beautiful and unique experience. 

If you have ever encountered a scenario where your foreground is much brighter or darker than your subject and you are not comfortable on how to handle it, this month's Posing and Lighting section is for you. Jerry will demonstrate how to handle that very thing when he takes a couple indoors and wants to be sure the detail in a window design is included.

We wanted to take you through the entire album of a recent client for Chapter 115's Advice section. A wedding which was recently held at the Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas, take a look how Jerry "shot for the album" all around the hotel. We hope you enjoy.

With a play off of Advice section, we wanted to feature our bride Leinani for this month's Ice Queen. Check out some of the images featured from their wedding including their getting ready which happened to be together. 

Light over location, Light over location, Light over location.... You have heard it from Jerry before and we prove it again here with the Practice section. Jerry took Asleen and Greg into a supermarket parking garage with overhead fluorescent light and created some solid images. You should never be intimidated by not having a fancy studio or "good" location. 

Let's bring you something which we hope to cover more of going forward and that's social media marketing. Read along on some of our thoughts when it comes to what to share on your networks. We took some advice from a good friend Jesh de Rox and hope you will learn from some of the tips he provided in this month's Tip of the Iceberg section.

It's time to light the cake! Okay maybe not, but we are featuring the Ice Light on Icing on the Cake. Jerry demonstrates multiple examples and ways you can use the Ice Light. One light, two lights, with barn doors, it's all covered and we hope you enjoy this concluding section.