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Chapter 113
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This chapter includes
  • Ice Pick - Simon and Sekha (Groom's Coverage)
  • Posing & Lighting - Even exit signs make great light sources!
  • Advice - Paul and Lina's album
  • Ice Queen - Bianca
  • Practice - Using an ordinary wall to frame (and light!) your subject
  • Tip of the Iceberg - A Positive Attitude and be Open-Minded
  • Icing on the Cake - Using a Macro Lens
Keywords: , album design, beauty, bounced light, city, close up, cluttered location, crops, exit sign, fashion, glamour, groom, hotel, jerry's album design, lighting, macro lens, negativity, open minded, paul and lina, personal development, positivity, rain, rainy day, red hair, simon, switzerland, urban, walls

Welcome to a brand new month and some fresh never before seen content. We hope you enjoy all that is offered throughout Chapter 113. 

Let's get right to it with this month's Ice Pick section. We are bringing you a brand new wedding featuring Simon and Sekha. The Swiss Alps was where this wedding took us and it couldn't have been any more picturesque. Watch as Jerry starts off with Simon's groom's coverage in a hotel using window and existing ambient light.

Have you ever walked along a street and saw an exit sign and said, that would be great to create beautiful shots. No? Well maybe after watching Chapter 113 Posing and Lighting section you will. Jerry will teach you how to think differently and just use the elements around you to create beautiful imagery.

The Advice section this month features a recent album Jerry designed for one of our couples. Listen along as he walks you through the gallery of spreads and gives you insight into how he thinks when shooting for and designing albums. 

We are bringing you fiery red hair and the beautiful Biana for this month's Ice Queen. As soon as she arrived for her shoot, Jerry knew he didn't want to style her hair and different than her normal way and the end result was exactly what he envisioned. We hope you enjoy and are inspired by this months feature.

That wall looks so boring, why would you ever want to use it? Sometimes, less is more. Check out how Jerry uses a well lit, plain wall in a cluttered environment for this couples session recently. It's a great example of how many looks you can achieve in one spot with the right lighting and posing. Follow along on our Practice section.

A positive attitude and an open mind, two very crucial things for a successful business, and life! Melissa covers this topic in detail for the Tip of the Iceberg section. Read along and ask yourself if you relate to scenarios she presents and how you could have handled things differently. 

We often get questions about lens choices so we thought it would be good to feature a clip on Jerry using just the Nikkor macro 105mm. Watch as Jerry uses this lens to create beautiful crops in camera for the Icing on the Cake.