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Chapter 105
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This chapter includes
  • Ice Pick- Sexy couple's session (NOTE: PARTIAL NUDITY)
  • Posing & Lighting
  • Advice
  • Ice Queen - Pia
  • Practice - How to use the sun multiple ways
  • Tip of the Iceberg - Extras on your price list
  • Icing on the Cake
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Thank you so much for being an Ice Society Pro member, welcome to Chapter 105.

Beginning with our Ice Pick section, we bring you the continuation of a portrait session done on Jerry and Melissa's rooftop in Los Angelas. The couple being photographed wanted a sexy shoot of the two of them and Jerry pulled inspiration from one of his favorite photographers, Herb Ritts to produce just that. Carefully watch as Jerry poses the couple in ways that could be used in many portrait sessions not just a sexier style shoot. Remember, always, lighting and posing are key!

Have you ever found the perfect location for a shoot but the lighting just wasn't perfect? This month Jerry touches upon just that in this Posing and Lighting section. Paying particular attention to small details, Jerry takes his time in posing the subject so everything is just right. To create a beautiful image, it's always worth taking extra time to correct every detail. 

For Chapter 105 our Advice section covers10 more brand new individual images up for critique. Remember that all Pro members are eligible to submit images for Jerry to critique and feature in future months.

A smile that is completely contagious, that's what Pia has, our Ice Queen for this month. Along with her husband Carlos, Jerry photographed Pia in Miami recently using a variety of lighting sources including the sun and an Ice light. We hope you are inspired by these poses for your next session.

Are you afraid of the Sun and how to use it properly during your sessions? The Practice section this month is sure to help with those fears. Jerry covers multiple ways to use the sun to capture a variety of shots in elements you could run into during your next shoot or wedding. 

How much do you charge? Is that not one of the questions we get so often whether it be in an email inquiry or in person inquiry? Let's review pricing and extras in your wedding collection for the Tip of the Iceberg section. We will go over collections and what we suggest you should and should not include in them.

To close our Chapter 105, the Icing on the Cake features individual shots of Ben who was photographed with Katie and shared with you over the past few months. Ben has a very unique look about him with long hair and tattoos. Jerry took advantage of that to come up with different great poses that really showcase that. Be sure to watch as Jerry shares several poses in a row that will help you when photographing a male subject on their own for your next shoot.