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Chapter 100
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This chapter includes
  • Ice Pick - Erin and Jeremy - Locations (Part 2)
  • Posing & Lighting - Plus sized couples
  • Advice - Album design
  • Ice Queen - Taylor
  • Practice - Public parks
  • Tip of the Iceberg - Sales Tips
  • Icing on the Cake - Sameday slideshow
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It's finally here and we are so excited to bring you the biggest milestone of the Ice Society to date. We present to you, Chapter 100!

To start this month's chapter we are concluding coverage of Erin and Jeremy's wedding for our Ice Pick section. We will finish up the rest of the formal portraits and also cover a large portion of the reception. Be sure to watch as Jerry covers all the formalities of the reception in a very photojournalistic approach. 

Our Posing and Lighting this month touches on a quick tip posing plus sized couples. Watch as Jerry uses the train of the bride's dress stratigically while posing the couple. An important tip in to not have your cople standig static.

If you have followed along in previous chapters you have been able to watch Peter and Pardis' entire wedding album get designed live. We conclude the album with the couple's formal portraits and reception then review the album in it's entirety for the Advice section this month.

This month we have Taylor as our featured Ice Queen. Jerry recently had a short session with Taylor in Beverly Hills and demonstrated how one location with good lighting and a variety of poses can still give you a collection of great images. There was nothing fancy for this session but we are sue you will love these simple, classic portaits.

When you have a great architectural object such as the beautiful monument featured in the Practice section, you can be sure Jerry is going to use it. Take a look at this session in a public park recently photographed during a seminar. 

Sometimes the best lessons are learned by your own experiences and that's exactly what we are discussing in this month's Tip of the Iceberg. We cover a recent shopping experience with an exceptional salesperson Melissa had and how a combination of different approaches this salesperson took made Melissa feel. 

For the past few months you have watched us cover Erin and Jeremy's wedding and we are wrapping this month up with their same day slideshow for the Icing On The Cake section. Jerry has always promoted the importance of the sameday slideshow but now we show you the software he uses to create it. We also feature a special promo code for our members.